3.8% council tax increase - Lowest for 11 Years

March 3, 2008 12:00 AM

Rochdale Borough Council has agreed a 3.8% council tax increase in 2008/09.

The 3.8% increase was agreed at a meeting of the full council as part of a budget report setting out the main spending plans for the year ahead. These include proposals to deliver on the council's promises to improve the quality of life of people in the borough.

Helped by a better Government grant settlement this year, the council will spend nearly £3 million in priority areas such as:

Environment (£833K)

Older people (£486K)

Young people (£325K)

Reducing crime and improving community safety (£200K)

Extra resources for township priorities (£418K)

Cultural activities (£100K)

Rochdale Council's Executive member for Finance, Councillor Greg Couzens said: "The budget provides a great opportunity to plan and deliver in priority areas. It is a true medium term budget.

"The budget will support the delivery on our promises to improve the quality of life of people in the borough. Money spent on key priorities like the environment, extra police officers for each township and on the youth service will have a major impact on people's lives."

In addition, over £2.95 million is intended to be saved by improvements in efficiency.

Councillor Couzens continued: "The council will only be able to make a real difference to services for local people if its plans are prudent and sustainable. Whilst the medium term plan assumes an increase of 3.8% for three years, I am committed to getting below this level from 2009/10. We will achieve this by good financial management, taking a longer term view and by improving services."