Lib Dems call for Euro-Referendum!

March 21, 2008 12:00 AM

Lib Dems in East Middleton are planning to ballot local residents about the future of controversial Councillor David Murphy. The 'mini-referendum' will simply ask the question - "Do you believe that Councillor Murphy should be residing in South-Western Europe at tax-payer's expense?" The Lib Dems have also revealed that Councillor Murphy has less than a week to stand down to avoid a costly by-election.

Local Councillor Irene Cooper said: "People round here are quite rightly furious at Councillor Murphy's behaviour. I feel he should stand down immediately. I know that local people feel the same - just to make sure though we are putting it to the people. It's not right that he claims a significant amount of taxpayer's money for a role he is patently not doing. No-one says that Councillor Murphy has not done his bit for Middleton but I've forgotten what he looks like! It's now time to go though and to avoid spending more tax payer's money he should go next week. Failure to do so will lead to an expensive by-election or another TWO years of freeloading."

The Lib Dems understand that he was asked to stand aside by Labour Leader Allen Brett after the last full Council Meeting. Councillor Murphy, it is understood is planning to continue though.

Lib Dem Agent Dave Hennigan said: "Councillor Murphy has not dealt with one complaint for over a year. He has still had time though to report me to the Council's Chief Executive for taking his picture. Councillor Murphy asked them to ensure we did not use the picture we took of him when he last turned up in the Borough. We have said a polite 'no' to that request. Councillor Murphy thinks it's all one big joke and I must say he is very thick-skinned. He seems to think that it's OK to live the life of an 'ex-pat', in Murcia in South-Western Europe. He should go now and enjoy his retirement. I am calling for Jim Dobbin, his former MP to intervene in this case that reflects badly on the Labour Party and politics in general."