Fireworks review a year away!

March 26, 2008 12:00 AM

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen is calling on the government to act now on anti-social use of fireworksPaul Rowen is calling for the Government to act now over the anti-social use of fireworks. Paul was speaking after receiving a Ministerial Answer confirming that the Government have "…no plans to introduce further restrictions on over the counter sales."

Mr Rowen said: "We've been lobbying the Government since 2006 - when Lib Dem Councillors in Rochdale and we put forward the historic resolution to ban the over the counter sale of fireworks. It is clear that although we have seen partial reductions in firework nuisance since we took our tough stance that there are still significant problems. For many years - the people of our Borough have suffered from the abuse of fireworks - that is why we became the first Council in the country to pass a motion demanding a total ban. We are disappointed that the Government have confirmed that they are not planning to go ahead and have pilots that look at this option."

Mr Rowen said back in 2006: "Rochdale has started the fight back against the hooligans who have made our streets unsafe for huge parts of the year. The council will now have to work with the government to get the necessary legislation to make this a reality. Make no mistake, we will work with the necessary authorities to investigate how we can get rid of the scourge of the anti-social use of fireworks."

Council Leader Alan Taylor said: "Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council is the leading authority against the anti-social use of fireworks in the country. We are disappointed that the Government are refusing to listen to our common sense proposals. We are not killjoys - we want to ban the over the counter sale of fireworks in our Borough and organise a huge display in every Township. I am sick to death of the Government only acting concerned over fireworks in October and November. The time to take action is now!"