Lib Dems reverse controversial waste charge

March 12, 2008 12:00 AM

Council leader Alan TaylorFrom April, the controversial charge to removed bulky waste will be removed. The controversial £18 charge had been blamed for the number of fly-tipping incidents in the Borough.

Council Leader Alan Taylor said: "A number of Councillors have been persistent over this issue for some time. Now in a drive to prevent dumping and fly-tipping we are getting rid of this unpopular charge."

Castleton Councillor Pat Flynn said: "This is a huge step forward and I am sure it will lead to a cleaner Borough. Far too often we are being contacted by residents complaining about this issue. I am pleased that we are now dropping this charge from next month."

Councillor Irene Davidson, also Deputy Leader of the Council was delighted to see the back of the charge. She did however warn persistent fly-tippers that: "We will not tolerate any dumping. Residents simply have no excuse to dump their waste. In Milnrow and Newhey, I have reported a number of problem areas and even toured the area I represent pointing out 'grot-spots' to Council Officers. I am asking the people of this Borough to be our eyes and ears. If you witness dumping then you can report it without giving your name to the Council on 01706 712186. Once this charge is removed, we will be exercise a zero tolerance approach and will agressively pursue every case reported to us."

This is one of many measures that will be introduced over the next year to tackle this growing problem. The Council will also purchase an all purpose graffiti and chewing gum removal machine, which will also remove fly posters, weeds, algae, moss limescale, grime, bird droppings and weathering. In each township, the Council will also purchase mechanical pedestrian sweepers which are modern one-man pavement sweepers, each one will also be provided with a brush and pan so that any awkward areas can be done by hand the old fashioned way. If this new initiative is successful, more machines will be introduced to provide an even better service for street cleaning.

Councillor Alan Taylor finished by saying: "After crime and anti-social behaviour, the state of our environment is the next biggest issue. We are introducing a series of measures to tackle the problems head on."