Lib Dems deliver MORE Police!

April 24, 2008 4:16 AM

Council Leader Alan Taylor announced at last night's council meeting that the Borough will see an extra two sergeants and sixteen constables, leading to an extra four officers in each township.

Councillor Taylor told the meeting: "I wish to tell the Council of the latest good news that I have received. Since I became Leader of the Council, I have held regular meetings with Councillors Ted Flynn and Barbara Todd, with Greater Manchester Police. It was obvious to us that one of the main worries of residents was the issue of law and order, and we felt that we needed even greater co-operation between the Police and the Council. We feel this has been very successful, and it led to our idea of including in our Budget proposals to offer Greater Manchester Police the funding for four new full time Police Officers across the Borough. This was welcomed by Greater Manchester Police, as we were the only Borough who had delivered an initiative like this to help the Police during their present financial problems.

"I can tell the Council tonight that as well as our four new Officers, we have been given an additional Sergeant and five Police Constables out of the Police's Precept Budget. In addition to that, we have been given another two additional Police Officers out of the Precept Budget. And in addition to that we have been given a Sergeant plus five Police Constables found from reorganisation at the Headquarters of Greater Manchester Police.

"That's a total of two sergeants and sixteen constables new to our Borough. This was only finalised earlier this week, although I knew that these bids for extra officers were being considered. I'm sure you'll join me in welcoming this new initiative from Greater Manchester Police, and we will strengthen our co-operation even more in the future."

Councillor Taylor said after the meeting: "This is no pre-election stunt. This was an announcement of negotiations that we have pursued for some time. The Liberal Democrats are committed to policies that make our streets safer. The Heywood, Middleton, Pennines and Rochdale Townships will be safer as a result."