Council Leader intervenes in Inness Centre Controversy!

April 16, 2008 12:00 AM
Council Leader Alan Taylor.

Council Leader Alan Taylor.

Following publicity on Rochdale Online, Council Leader Alan Taylor has intervened to block the auction of the land at the site of the Innes Centre on Ings Lane. It was scheduled to be auctioned tomorrow but this has been cancelled following Councillor Taylor intervention.

At a summit meeting between Council Leader Alan Taylor, John Pierce, the Chair of the PCT and John Patterson, a member of the Council's Executive Leadership Team, it was decided that any auction will be put off and the PCT given a chance to come up with proposals to develop the site in the best interests of the local community.

The PCT have been asked to work on plans for the site and come back with any proposals by the end of June. The Council is hoping that this site can be used to provide much needed health provision in the area.

Spotland Councillor Barbara Todd said: "I am pleased that any auction on the site has been cancelled. This land is a valuable asset for Spotland and I feel that it is much better to see provision on this site that benefits our area.

"The idea of using this site to have a health centre is a good one and I fully back the PCT's ambition to make this happen.

"I know that it is the Council's policy in such cases to auction the site off - I feel though that we have made the correct decision in this case. I thank Councillor Taylor for intervening in this case and I would know encourage the PCT to get on with the job of delivering a service that will benefit thousands."

Paul Rowen MP said: "I know that Barbara Todd has been involved in urgent behind the scenes negotiations and I know she will be delighted. The Council have acted honourably and I am urging the PCT to come up with a proposal that will revolutionalise health care in the Spotland and Falinge area. This is a common sense decision and I hope that the area will see much needed facilities just like the ones currently under construction in Milktone."