Leaders Election Statement - Alan Taylor Lib Dem

April 30, 2008 12:00 AM

Lib Dem Leader Alan Taylor - Taking Rochdale ForwardTwo years ago, the Liberal Democrats took control of our Council for the first time ever, and during that time we've continued to deliver on our exciting programme of change and improvements for our Borough.

This is your Council, and our main aim is to make your Council a listening Council that can react to your suggestions and worries.

Our manifesto again demonstrates some of our achievements, and sets out our next step and our priorities for the coming year. We highlight jobs, health, our environment, community safety, provision for the older members of our community, and our strong commitment to value for money.

Gordon Brown will be keeping an eye on the election results in our Borough. If Labour regain any seats, it'll send a clear message that you agree with his policies that have damaged us. These include the Labour Government's disastrous decision to axe Accident and Emergency, Child Care and Maternity Services at Rochdale Infirmary. If Labour make any gains, it'll tell Gordon Brown that you agree with his programme of axing 2500 Post Offices including many in Rochdale. In most areas a vote for the Conservatives just helps Labour sneak in.

The Liberal Democrats are busy implementing change in our Town. Rochdale is on the up and we are delivering real solutions to the problems you face. These include delivering more police officers, cleaning up our environment by abolishing Labour's charge for bulky waste, scrapping the charge for disabled parking and much more. We have increased recycling by a massive amount and are currently surveying 3,000 of our residents about introducing an innovative scheme to collect food waste weekly. We are delivering on our promises including brand new schools and a brand new six form college, a brand new Town Centre, overseeing thousands of jobs at Kingsway Business Park and investing in tourism in places like Littleborough.

All this is being done whilst implementing the lowest Council Tax increase for a generation. Labour and the Conservatives talk tough on this. The fact is that under previous Labour and Conservative Administrations Council Tax has rocketed.

We are dramatically increasing our customer services to you in innovative ways. We have kept Council Rents low whilst building more for the first time in decades.

Three years ago, politics in Rochdale was a national embarrassment. Labour and Conservatives went into coalition - the only such one in the country. Since then they have voted on every major issue together. Looking at this evidence, it is likely that if given the opportunity next week they will do so again.

This is your Council, and it's starting to put you, the customer, first.

The Liberal Democrats have a superb radical programme to change our Borough.

Please vote Liberal Democrat on Thursday 1 May - don't let Labour get away with their negativity and remember their decades of neglect.