Metrolink confirmed to town centre

June 9, 2008 12:00 AM

Leader of Rochdale Council Alan Taylor is delighted with the extra investment for Rochdale's Public TransportThe government has confirmed that congestion charging for drivers entering and leaving Manchester will begin in 2013 and in the public transport improvements to offset the charge it has been confirmed that the Metrolink will be extended to Rochdale town centre.

The plans involve two charging rings, one at the M60, the other close to the city centre. The charge, which will be in place from 7am to 9.30am and 4pm to 6.30pm weekdays, will be offset by £3bn of public transport improvements. The improvements include an extension to the Metrolink to Rochdale and Oldham town centres, Ashton under Lyne, East Didsbury, Manchester Airport and the Trafford Centre. Stations including Bolton, Salford, Altrincham, Stockport, Ashton and Rochdale will become "interchanges", linking into other types of transport.

Cllr Alan Taylor, leader of Rochdale MBC said: "It's brilliant news to at last know what funding central government are going to provide so that the proposals for better public transport networks can be developed in further detail. I'm very excited at the prospect of Metrolink coming into Rochdale town centre - which by then will have undergone a major redevelopment - and arriving at a brand new transport interchange.

"Today's announcement is fantastic for the Rochdale borough as it will bring even more investment and prosperity. Not only will it provide better transport links with other parts of Greater Manchester, but also it will better connect places within the borough.

"This is 30 years worth of public transport investment in one go - investment like we've never seen before - it's difficult to comprehend the extent of the transformation that's going to happen but residents of the borough can be sure that the improvements will be hugely beneficial. I'm especially keen to make sure that local people and businesses are consulted on these important decisions and that they have all the detailed information they need to make informed judgements on what the plans will mean in the long term."

Roger Ellis, Chief Executive of Rochdale MBC added: "It's worth stressing that this is not just about Metrolink, this is about giving people a number of viable options other than using their car to get around, both in the borough and the rest of Greater Manchester. The impact that that will then have on making roads less congested and communities cleaner and greener will be enormous. The new transport interchange is one of the key building blocks in the transformation of Rochdale town centre so it's also a massive boost for the town's regneration to know that it will now happen."