Rochdale MP to host light rail summit

June 23, 2008 12:00 AM

Rochdale MP Paul RowenRochdale MP to host light rail summit

As chairman of the All Party Light Rail Group, Rochdale MP Paul Rowen will host a summit on the importance of light rail in an integrated transport system in Britain tommorow (Tuesday 24 June).

More than 100 of the most influential transport bosses will attend the meeting to discuss the possibility of mass investment into light rail throughout the country.

Paul Rowen MP said: "This event is set to be the biggest that my committee has hosted and will feature the leading figures from many organisations across the country. It includes Council Leaders and Managing Directors from virtually every Light Rail Group in the country.

"Our group recently travelled to Germany to look at their TramTrains and learn lessons from the massive investment that countries like Germany have and continue to make in their public transport infrastructure.

"This meeting will look at good practice across the country and I hope that we can work together to put the case forward for massive investment in light rail."

The summit will be held in the Stranger's Dining Room in the House of Commons and speakers will include Councillor Andrew Fender of the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority, Tom Harris MP, the Transport Minister, Brian Souter, the Chief Executive of Stagecoach and Geoff Inskip, the boss of UK Tram.