Landmark Proposal To Save Rochdale Post Offices

July 12, 2008 12:00 AM

Councillor Pat Colclough Alongside Jay PatelA report was considered by a special cabinet on 3 July 2008 regarding the Post Offices within the borough that are threatened with closure.

The cabinet authorised the Chief Executive to respond to the Post Office consultation exercise on behalf of Rochdale Borough Council with objections to the proposed closures. They also recommended that townships be consulted on the proposal.

The matter was considered by the Pennines Township on 8 July 2008 which noted the vital role that Post Offices play in the local community and decided that the issue should be properly considered by the Pennines Township Committee. They also agreed to support work on the feasibility of subsidising the Post Offices so that they can remain open, subject to consultation.

The issue was considered by the Rochdale Township last night (09/07/08) which resolved to formally notify Post Office Ltd of their intent to work in partnership with them on the feasibility of retaining Post Offices via a subsidy.

Rochdale Council will be submitting a formal response to the public consultation that closes on 21 July 2008, once Heywood and Middleton Townships have considered the matter next week.

A council spokesman said: "We will be contacting Post Office Ltd to ask for their reaction to the township proposals, which will be reported back to the townships in due course."

Council Leader Alan Taylor said that Post Offices play a vital role in the local community: "They are a valuable resource for many people, particular the elderly and most vulnerable, we must do all we can to retain them."