Transport boss steps in to improve spread of train arrivals at Littleborough

July 17, 2008 12:00 AM

Councillor Zulf Ali - Putting Rochdale Transport First!Peak time commuters from Littleborough Railway Station have been saved from a 43 minute wait as a result of actions from Rochdale's new transport boss. Councillor Zulf Ali has stepped in to stop a proposed change to the train service that runs through Littleborough train station that would have seen a 43 minute gap in train arrivals at peak time. This comes after a report was presented at a recent meeting of the Greater Manchester Transport Authority giving recommendations that as of December 2008, the 17.41 from Manchester Victoria would either stop at Moston Train Station or Littleborough in a bid to improve the spread of train arrivals.

Councillor Zulf Ali said, "Under the options for consideration at the meeting we were given a clear choice between the new 17.41pm train either calling at Moston or at Littleborough, in accordance with December 2008's new timetable schedule. These options were recommended to us by Northern Rail. Whilst the number of services would remain the same, the timing at Littleborough would have been worse, with a gap in service of 43 minutes from 17.42pm to 18.27pm. This was unacceptable for me and I made my views clear. Thankfully most of my colleagues appreciated my concerns and the decision was taken that the new 18.41 train from Manchester Victoria will now make a scheduled stop at Littleborough train station at 18.06pm"

Councillor Pauline Maguire added: "I am delighted with this news and I would like to thank my colleague Councillor Ali for securing this service. A better rail service is one of my main priorities for Littleborough and I will continue to work hard with Councillor Ali to ensure we get the best deal for Littleborough's transport."

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen said, "Councillor Ali has made an excellent start to his reign as Rochdale's Transport Boss and this is yet another example of him putting Rochdale first. His actions will benefit the large number of commuters that use Littleborough train station and have guaranteed a good spread of rail journeys in the evening peak time