Rowen puts in a shift

August 4, 2008 12:00 AM

Paul Rowen MP - Worknig hard for RochdaleThis morning (Monday 4 August) was a busy one for Rochdale MP Paul Rowen as he took his place behind the counter for a shift at Buersil Post Office. Mr Rowen was working the morning shift at the popular Post Office, threatened by closure because of Government cuts.

During his shift Mr Rowen was using the shift to speak to people and get more of an understanding of the services that the Post Office provides. His shift was set to be even busier after the closure of Lower Place Post Office nearby. Lower Place users have been directed to use Buersil as an alternative.

Mr Rowen said ahead of his shift: "I am looking forward to working at this popular Post Office. As the MP for Rochdale, I'm often stuck in meetings but over the summer I will be embarking on a number of visits aimed at seeing first hand the valuable jobs that many of our unsung heroes do.

"It is clear from meetings I have attended in the area that Buersil is a valued community resource. Jay, Leanne and the team do an excellent job and I am looking forward to finding out exactly what they do. I'm told that I will have to get stuck in and am brushing up on my maths in preparation."

Postmaster Jay Patel said: "We are looking forward to Paul seeing first hand the services that we provide. He will see that running a Post Office is much more than paying out pensions and selling stamps. He has been very supportive in the campaign to save our Post Office. We will not be giving him an easy ride though and look forward to his assistance."

The day is set to get even busier for Mr Rowen, this afternoon he will be working with the gully cleaning teams that are currently busy cleaning every gully in Rochdale. Again Mr Rowen will be getting involved and witness the painstaking job that will make a real difference to the town.

He continued: "I was pleased last week that Councillor Couzens reported that the teams had cleaned 10,000 gullies. Rochdale has had a problem with flooding for some time and this will certainly help. Gully cleaning cannot be the easiest job in the world but I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty."