Councillor maps out Heywood's crime problems

August 8, 2008 12:00 AM

Putting Heywood FIRST - Councillor Peter RushHeywood Councillor Peter Rush has slammed Greater Manchester Police after they failed to locate Holy Family School and Pothall Bridge following complaints of youths climbing on the school roof. Councillor Rush claimed that the operator did not even know where Heywood was!

Councillor Rush said: "This is an area that is plagued by anti-social behaviour both at the school and the rail track. The fact that the area is not recognised by GMP is a disgrace. My complaint wasn't dealt with for at least 40 minutes and was hugely frustrating and the damage to the school could have irreparable. I have written to the Inspector Butterworth and the new Chief Constable, Peter Fay, making these points. I have also given Heywood's Police Boss, Councillor Barbara Todd, a map of Heywood and asked her to present it to the Chief Constable at the next meeting of the Police Authority."

Following the incident, Councillor Rush has stepped up his call for Heywood Police Station to be open 24 hours a day, like Rochdale's town centre station.

He said: "Crime is not restricted to office hours, in fact quite the opposite. Here in Heywood, we receive a piecemeal service and are treated like second class citizens.

"I must make it clear that the staff at our station do an excellent job. It's clear though that their ability to fight crime and anti-social behaviour is severely limited by the lack of resources."