Rowen brands Key Stage 3 results a shambles

August 18, 2008 12:00 AM

Paul Rowen MP - Putting Rochdale FIRST!Rochdale MP Paul Rowen has called for an urgent investigation into Key Stage 3 results after Rochdale Online uncovered a catalogue of problems for Rochdale's schools in a news story last month.

The School Improvement Service, based at Highwood Centre in Rochdale has now stepped in to look at the situation that Rochdale SAT pupils have faced over the summer.

The catalogue of catastrophes includes exam papers simply not returned, complete subjects not being returned and concerns over the quality of marking.

Paul Rowen MP, who recently pressed Minister Ed Balls on the issue, said: "I am flabbergasted at the incompetence of this Labour Government. Our young people have been completely let down and Ed Balls should take full responsibility. Our Local Education Authority is in complete chaos as a result and the fact that all the marking has to be double checked will cost taxpayers dear.

"Staff are pulling their hair out as they are in a difficult position - they simply do not know the results of hundreds of pupils and if they do they simply do not trust them. This is an intolerable situation that needs sorting now. I have written to every headmaster in Rochdale and the horror stories coming back should shame the Labour Government.

Schools Secretary Ed Balls' decision to sack ETS, the SATs marking firm, has been welcomed by the Liberal Democrats, while Schools Spokesperson, Annette Brooke, repeated the call for SATS to be scrapped altogether. She said: "ETS demonstrated pure incompetence when it came to marking this year's SATs. Many children are still waiting for their results, which are now nearly six weeks late. Ministers must confirm that ETS will not receive a penny for this year's fiasco. I hope that instead of finding another company to mark future Key Stage 3 three papers, the Government will now scrap these expensive and unnecessary tests altogether."