People's Champion helps more than 100

September 10, 2008 12:00 AM

Councillor Keith Swift salutes the hard work being carried out by the people's champion team!Rochdale Council's controversial People's Champion Team has helped well over 100 people since its launch on 1 April this year.

The Council believes that the team is well on its way to achieving their main goal of establishing a common complaints procedure across all council departments.

Cabinet Member for Townships and Cooperate Management Councillor Keith Swift said: "Carolyn Phipps and the rest of the People's Champion Team have made a great start. The team was put in place to provide an impartial view for residents and where appropriate make recommendations for resolution. Its main aim however was to provide a common complaints procedure for all council departments. Prior to this, each council department dealt with complaints in a different way, which is not the best way in dealing with resident's issues.

"I am delighted with the work that has already been carried out by team. They have reviewed existing complaints procedures, developed a new complaints policy by introducing a structured three-stage process, delivered training to staff across the Council and much more. There is no doubt that the work they have done so far has helped our council deal with complaints more efficiently and this in turn has helped local residents."

Leader of Rochdale Council, Councillor Alan Taylor said: "The People's Champion Team is another example that we are a forward thinking Lib Dem council. I have had a number of impressed local authority leaders from across the country asking for information regarding the people's champion. The work and support the team has provided so far has been brilliant and I am sure it will continue."

The team was established as a result of a Liberal Democrat manifesto commitment to make sure residents get the best out of council services.