"Chase criminals not targets" says Rochdale MP

September 15, 2008 12:00 AM

Paul Rowen MP - Highlighting Labour's poor record on fighting crime!Rochdale's MP Paul Rowen has launched a blistering attack on the Labour government in a speech to the retired Police Federation at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference.

Mr Rowen, Lib Dem Shadow Work and Pensions Minister, told their Conference in a keynote speech in Bournemouth: "It's clear that since Labour came into power in 1997, bureaucracy has risen with the target driven culture that is prevalent in policing. I am not satisfied that these targets do anything to make our streets safer. It's high time that our police were allowed to chase criminals and not targets."

Mr Rowen was also lobbied about the current police pay dispute. He said: "The retired Police Federation do an excellent job. What is clear though is that they are deeply concerned with the Labour Government's treatment of our current officers. Their pay cut is a disgrace and it is clear that Labour are more interested in grabbing headlines rather than grabbing criminals. If crime was cracked by introducing new legislation then Labour would have it sorted. The fact of the matter is that they are failing."

Mr Rowen also praised the Retired Police Federation, saying: "This organisation helps officers adjust to life after a life in policing. I was pleased to support their work and delighted when a member from Rochdale came up and praised the work that we are doing in Rochdale. Under our Liberal Democrat Council, we are fighting crime and anti-social behaviour head on.

"The Conference were delighted to hear that we are piloting a scheme that has led to more officers on our streets. It is clear that the age old problem of limited resources that our police face has not changed. Whilst Labour are advocating the costly ID Cards system, the Liberal Democrats would spend the money on front-line policing, this was supported by the Conference."