Castleton gets tough on youth disorder

September 17, 2008 12:00 AM

Your Lib Dem Team for Castleton - Working Hard ALL Year Round!Anti-social behaviour in Castleton has been reduced by approximately 65% over the past four months according to police figures.

Operation Buchan has been running in the area since March and during that time, police say that alcohol and youth disorder incidents of reduced dramatically.

Police were assisted by Rochdale Council and local community groups in bringing Castleton's crime levels down.

British Transport Police provided joint patrols around the railway station area where anti-social behaviour and criminal damage was reported on a regular basis to both the station and passing trains.

Youth Services engaged with young people to offer advice on local youth provision and how to access alcohol and drug misuse information.

A dispersal order was implemented so that Police could disperse groups of youths, alongside targeting repeat offenders with stop and search powers.

Meanwhile one shop-owner lost his licence to serve alcohol after being caught selling alcohol to youths and encouraging them to gather inside and outside of the shop, causing problems for other customers and people living or working within the area.

A CCTV camera was also installed at Castleton swimming baths, as well as a mosquito device at the Community Centre following a spate of vandalism.

Castleton Councillor Ted Flynn said: "In the main the problems have been caused by older youths however some are still of school age. And believe it or not it is not just young males who engage in drunken anti-social behaviour it is often

young females too who are putting their personal safety at risk."