Paul Rowen MP turns policeman for the night

November 24, 2008 12:00 AM

Paul Rowen MP - Putting Rochdale FIRST!Paul Rowen MP tried his hand at being a 'bobby on the beat' as he spent an evening on police patrol in Rochdale.

Special Constable Inspector Dave Jones, of Greater Manchester Police, took the Lib Dem MP out for the evening to give him a taste of policing in the town.

Paul Rowen said he is "amazed" at the work the police do to protect the community.

He added: "As part of my drive to highlight Rochdale's unsung heroes, I spent a night out on the front line with these very special volunteers.

"These brave volunteer officers are fully integrated to work with regular police officers, having the same powers and assist and supplement the regulars in all tasks which can range from driving marked police vehicles, carrying out high visibility foot patrols, crime awareness campaigns and vehicle stop exercises.

"The bravery of these unsung heroes is immeasurable and to actually witness the valuable contribution they make to policing and making our streets safer makes me extremely proud."

Inspector Dave Jones said: "Some people play golf in their spare time, others watch football - our officers combine a full time job with this vital role of assisting frontline police.

"We thank Mr Rowen for taking the time out to join us on a busy Friday night. It certainly was an eye-opener for him and I hope that by raising our profile more people may wish to join us."

Anyone who wants more information on becoming a Special Constable should call Inspector Dave Jones on 07979 873 859 or go to: