Balderstone College/Springhill High School merge will go ahead in 2010

December 2, 2008 12:00 AM

Deputy Council Leader Irene DavidsonThe combining of Balderstone Technology College and Springhill High School has been given the green light for 2010.

The Schools Adjudicator has accepted a request by Rochdale Council to bring the date forward.

This means that both schools will close their doors on 31 August 2010 and on 1 September 2010 the new Foundation School will open using both existing school sites.

Children already in these two schools will automatically have places in the new school.

Rochdale Council will be writing to students, parents, staff, governors and board members to inform them of the decision.

Irene Davidson, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Families said she welcomed the news: "The children will undoubtedly benefit from more focus on learning and teaching from a senior management team freed up from the administrative burdens of running two separate schools.

She added: "This can only be good for the children as it will provide even more teaching expertise while ensuring continuity of learning."