"Save Our Pubs," says Rochdale MP

March 9, 2009 12:00 AM

Paul Rowen MP - Determined to Save Our PubsRochdale MP Paul Rowen is stepping up the pressure on the government after figures recently released showed that 16 pubs across Rochdale have been forced into closure since June 2005. The figures also indicated that an average of 35 pubs a week across Britain are currently closing their doors to the community.

Paul Rowen MP said: "These figures are truly alarming and it is time the Government woke up and accepted their responsibilities to protect and support our pubs which provide many jobs for us here in Rochdale. The Government seems intent on increasing the burden on pubs with a raft of red tape and tax increases. The economic circumstances have changed dramatically since the last Budget and I hope the Government will take the sensible approach of abandoning plans to introduce a duty escalator which will only make matters worse.

Paul Rowen continued: "Showing support for our pubs is important and I will be sending out a survey to every pub in Rochdale asking them to identify any specific issues they would like me to take up with our government. I have signed EDM 715 which calls for government support for our pubs and I will also be attending the first meeting of the new All-Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group that will bring together MPs and peers who want to see our pubs protected."

Castleton Councillor Peter Davidson said: "I believe that our local pubs are important symbols of the British way of life. They are part of our history and heritage and are hugely important to the communities they serve. Only last week I was sad to see the Farewell Inn in Castleton closing its doors in our community. I want to see our government take action in terms of both support and the necessary legislative changes that need to be addressed to ensure our pubs futures. I will also be speaking to the Leader of the Council, Alan Taylor, to make sure that we as a local authority are using all available powers to protect and support our community pubs."