Rochdale Raises the Flag for St Patrick's Day

March 16, 2009 12:00 AM

Rochdale Lib Dems Celebrate St Patrick's DayRochdale has marked St. Patrick's Day with the raising of the tricolour flag outside Rochdale Town Hall. The Borough's Mayor, Robin Parker, had the honour of raising the flag alongside event organiser Paddy Maguire as many local residents and Councillors turned out for the celebrations.

Leader of Rochdale Council, Alan Taylor said: "I was delighted to attend the raising of the Irish flag in celebration of St Patrick's Day. Rochdale has a large, proud Irish community and it is great to get together once a year to celebrate that fact. Events such as these show just what is best about Rochdale - its diversity and community spirit. We have many communities here in Rochdale that also celebrate their national day and I am looking forward to attending as many of those celebrations as I can over the next year.

Councillor Taylor added: "I must congratulate Paddy Maguire, a parishioner at St Patrick's, on organising yet another successful event. His work and effort over the last few years in making sure that this tradition is kept going is truly remarkable. I was pleased to see a good crowd turning out with their Irish scarves and hats to celebrate a wonderful day. I know that local residents with Irish roots will be proud to see the flag flying in front of our Town Hall."

Other Members of Council who attended the raising of the flag included Spotland and Falinge Councillors Peter Clegg and Greg Couzens.