MP to Highlight Asbestos Problems

March 19, 2009 12:00 AM

MP Paul Rowen - Putting Rochdale FIRST!Rochdale MP Paul Rowen will give a half hour speech on the threat of asbestos in Commons next week.

The MP, with the backing of many colleagues, is hoping to pressure the Government into action on removing asbestos from schools and other public buildings.

Mr Rowen will insist that all local authorities conduct thorough checks of their buildings and return figures showing how many of them contain asbestos.

Rochdale is leading the way in clearing asbestos from its schools and more local authorities should follow the town's example, according to Mr Rowen.

9 out of 10 schools in Greater Manchester contain asbestos and reports suggest that the figure is similar for schools across the country.

Mr Rowen believes that some authorities are taking the issue more seriously than others.

"I am pleased that my own council of Rochdale are one of the leading authorities in the country for dealing with asbestos issues," he said. "I am afraid I cannot say the same for several other authorities. There seems to be a postcode lottery when it comes to protecting from asbestos and we need to enforce Government legislation more vigorously."