Kirkholt Kickpitch set for investment

April 9, 2009 12:00 AM

Councillor Dale Mulgrew and local resident Mandy Swift at the Kirkholt Kickpitch.A Kirkholt Kickpitch at the bottom end of Denholme/Digby Road, will be receiving around £25,000 for improvements, which include replacing damaged basketball nets, providing pitch markings for football and replacing all damaged fences.

Balderstone and Kirkholt Councillor Dale Mulgrew said: "It has taken a considerable time, but I am delighted to announce that we now have a commitment for this much needed work to be undertaken later on in the year.

"The Kickpitch was desperately in need of repair due to a combination of wear and tear and unfortunately vandalism and this money will give it the facelift that it needs.

Kickpitches, such of this one, are important to communities as I am sure many people are aware. They provide a safe area for children to play which also enables them to get the regular exercise that they need."

The work that will take place is the culmination of three years of effort from local residents. Mr Shah of Denver Road first alerted Councillor Mulgrew of the problems at the kickpitch in 2006 while Mandy Swift of Digby Road gathered a petition together during the spring of 2007.

Councillor Mulgrew said: "Rochdale needs more people like this who are working hard to improve our community facilities. I am delighted the funded has been confirmed and I look forward to seeing the results of three years hard work later this year."