MP's Office Celebrates St. George's Day in Style

April 23, 2009 12:00 AM

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen's Office was a sea of red and white today as Rochdale celebrates St George's Day. Paul's Office, which is located on Drake Street, was draped with a number of St Georges's flags and he has recently called for St George's Day to become an official bank holiday.

Paul Rowen MP said: "Some people believe that the fact that St George was born in a different county it means that he doesn't represent England. However, for me, England is about the wonderful diversity of the people who live here and there is no better place to show this than Rochdale. It is only by coming together and celebrating our diversity and collective achievements that we can reclaim our national pride from the far-right who seek to subvert it."

Paul continued: "I know that the Government are looking closely at our proposals to make St George's day a Bank Holiday and it is only right that we should celebrate in the way that other countries do. Scotland and Ireland already have a Bank Holiday to mark their national day and it's high time that we did too! I am pleased that our Council has made efforts to mark the day and I hope that we can look at other ways to commemorate our saint's day.

Paul Rowen MP's agent, David Hennigan said: "Like any office we like to acknowledge St George's day and of course other special cultural days. Today, despite a busy office, we took time out sip Earl Grey and eat good old fashioned bangers and mash. It's great to see so many businesses in Rochdale flying the St George's flag. Let's hope year next, we can celebrate St George's Day with a bank holiday, like Paul is pushing for."

Paul's secretary and Rochdale's Mayoress for 2009, Sue Etchells said: "I look forward to attending the raising of the St George's flag next year in my capacity as Mayoress and I would like to see more events celebrating diversity throughout the year. As soon as we take down the St George's day flags they will be replaced with Rochdale A.F.C. flags to cheer our lads onto promotion."

Rochdale Liberal Democrat group advisor Adam Power said: "I was delighted to be able to attend the raising of the St George's flag at the Town Hall this week. St George's day is a brilliant opportunity for our country to show the pride we should have in our culture, society and history. England lags behind in the public holiday stakes with only 9 per year compared to France's 12, Germany's 15 and Sweden's 17. This is why I am fully backing Paul Rowen's calls to make our patron saint's day a bank holiday."