Rochdale Flies the Flag for St George's Day

April 23, 2009 12:00 AM

St George flag being raised outside Rochdale Town Hall with the Leader of Rochdale Council, Alan TaylorRochdale has marked St George's day with the raising of the flag outside the famous steps of the Town Hall. Leader of Rochdale Council, Alan Taylor, was joined by fellow Councillors and members of the public on a glorious sunshine filled day for the celebrations. The St George's Flag was also seen to be flying from many cars, pubs and homes across the town.

The Councillors that were in attendance for the event were Irene Davidson, Mohammed Sharif, Peter Evens, Rosemary Jones, Peter Davidson, Alan Taylor, Christine Akram and Pat & Ted Flynn.

Council Leader Alan Taylor, who wore a red rose especially for the event, said: "The raising of the St George's flag is a lovely tradition to pass onto future generations in our town. It's important that the younger members of our society learn exactly what St George's Day is about as well as how other cultures celebrate their own special days. I was proud to be chosen to raise the flag today and I look forward to attending this event again next year."

Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion Mohammed Sharif said: "Rochdale has proven over the years to be a tolerant place that enthusiastically celebrates its diversity whether it is Eid, St Patrick's Day, or Bangladeshi Independence Day. St George's day is a brilliant opportunity to celebrate and show pride in our culture, society and history. I look forward to celebrating other cultural days throughout the year."

Paul Rowen MP, who recently called for St George's Day to become an official Bank Holiday, said: "I am delighted that Rochdale is carrying on this great tradition. It's my belief that this country should come into line with that of both Scotland and Ireland by celebrating St George's with a public holiday. I have stated in the past that a St George's Day Bank Holiday could be combined with a Veterans Day which I am sure the majority of people in Rochdale would support."