Redesign Half Acre Lane to block rat-run, say residents

May 1, 2009 12:00 AM

Councillor William Hobhouse is eager to stop illegal rat-running up Half Acre Lane.Bamford residents have voted to alter the junction of Half Acre Lane with Roch Valley Way in a bid to stop illegal rat running up to Half Acre Road.

Highways Officers proposed that the contour of Half Acre Lane could be changed at its exit into Roch Valley, so that Half Acre Lane bends round to be perpendicular to Roch Valley Way and make it much less easy for illegal turning into the Lane.

Local residents voted resoundingly for this option, with 34 votes going for the redesign. There were two votes in favour of closing the lane to traffic completely, and seven voted to keep things as they are.

Rochdale Township chairman, Councillor William Hobhouse said: "There has been a fantastic response to the consultation - every other house in Links View and Half Acre has replied. It demonstrates the strength of feeling, and also the consensus about the best way forward.

"As with everything, we need to find the money, and I think this is an ideal small scheme to be funded from the township devolved capital fund. I have asked Township and the Highways service to bring forward plans and costs as soon as possible so that we can try to get a scheme approved this financial year."

The Council hopes to be able to present the initial design and cost of the scheme at the Bamford and Oakenrod Area Forum on 1 June.