Rowen takes Christie Campaign to Downing Street

May 7, 2009 12:00 AM

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen and Hazel Grove MP Andrew Stunnell presenting the petition petitionRochdale's MP Paul Rowen, has presented a petition signed by over 100,000 people to Downing Street demanding the Government back Greater Manchester's 'Cash Back for Christie' campaign. Mr Rowen delivered the petition alongside fellow Greater Manchester MP's, Lord Keith Bradley (chairman of Christie's charity), patients, fundraisers and charity representatives.

Manchester's Christie hospital recently lost 6.5 million pounds in the Icelandic banking crisis; cash that was earmarked to pay for two new satellite radiotherapy centres in Salford and Oldham. The hospital attempted to get their money back through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme but were rejected. Over 100,000 people have signed the petition in just 2 weeks, which calls for the Government to help secure the return of £6.5 million lost by Christie's in the Icelandic banking crisis

Paul, who raised this issue with the Prime Minister in a recent Prime Minister's Questions debate said: 'The Prime Minister may have ignored the Treasury Select Committee report on this issue but he cannot ignore the wishes of over 100,000 members of his electorate. Given the money the Government has pumped into banks who's own mis-management caused their losses, their compensation scheme's stance on this issue is indefensible. Christie' invested in good faith in a solid bank and they and their patients should not be punished for other's mistakes.

Paul added: "It was good to see so many different individuals, some of which from Rochdale, presenting the petition along with a coach full of supporters that had made the journey from Manchester to London to support the campaign. Christies is a world famous for the care, treatment, and research it provides for cancer patients and it would be an absolute tragedy if the Government were to turn their back on the excellent work they carry out."