Rowen hits out at sale of Rossendale Transport buses

May 8, 2009 12:00 AM

Paul Rowen MP and Councillor Dale Mulgrew - Campaigning Against the Privatisation of Rossendale TransportRochdale MP Paul Rowen has raised concerns after it was recently revealed that Rossendale Transport could be sold off to a national bus company. Mr Rowen, who this week met with workers at the company, has written an Early Day Motion stating the possible sale will lead to local bus services throughout Lancashire bring cut, also leaving a number of jobs at risk.

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen said: "The privatisation of Rossendale Transport would be absolutely catastrophic for the community. Here in Rochdale I know that they serve many housing estates which wouldn't have a service otherwise. These estates also tend to be the places where our most vulnerable live, such as pensioners, and without this regular service they will struggle to carry out their day to day business. This is why I have tabled an EDM in Parliament this week questioning the sale of Rossendale Transport. I simply cannot understand why they would consider selling off a profit making service that will put more jobs at risk."

Balderstone and Kirkholt Councillor, Dale Mulgrew, who also went to speak to local workers about this issue, said: "'I have witnessed first hand the services provided by Rossendale Transport as my bus route into Rochdale Town Centre from Whitworth is the 446. I am also finding it difficult at present to understand why Rossendale Council should be even considering selling off a business which is in profit?

"The management of Rossendale transport have done a wonderful job keeping the company afloat against an ever fluctuating world of petrol price instability and an ever changing world of public subsidy for transport. Because of their instinctive commitment to the community, I think Rossendale Transport will retain a tremendous brand loyalty from the people of Rochdale who use it - this would be a bulwark to any outside commercial interests. I have also discovered, by also talking to Councillors in Castleton, they too have a great ill ease about losing control of the routes that they used to provide. I fully support Paul in his call for Rossendale Transport to halt its sale."