'New Waste Charges a Disgrace' says Rowen.

July 20, 2009 12:00 AM

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen fighting the new waste charge!Rochdale MP Paul Rowen has claimed that the decision to increase waste charges across Greater Manchester is a disgrace. Paul was commenting after it was confirmed that waste charges for small businesses are going up. In a letter to businesses, staff at tips said, "From June 1st 2009 a change will be introduced at this and all our facilities at which trade waste is accepted. This will mean that you will be charged a minimum price for half a tonne of waste even if your load weighs less."

Paul Rowen said, "I am disgusted that at a time of recession, waste charges are rocketing. I have spoken to a small business in Rochdale; they tell me that their monthly charge will go up from £24 a month to £116! This is unacceptable and this heavy-handed approach to charging businesses will inevitably lead to an increase in fly-tipping and may even lead to more businesses folding. It sends out the wrong message and I am calling on the Waste Disposal Authority to look again and reverse this ridiculous policy."

Paul continued, "I have also got concerns about where small businesses are going to put their waste in anticipation of the rise in the minimum price of dumping. For example, a florist in Rochdale will process far less waste in terms of tonnage than a builder's merchants. This is an ill-thought decision and I am calling for an urgent re-think."

The Waste Disposal Authority has confirmed that although the charge will not be implemented on June 1st, they will soon be meeting to make the decision when this starts. Paul also expressed concern about the tip on Entwistle Road giving out leaflets advising of the change when in fact it has been suspended. Paul said, "The way that this whole thing has been handled is appalling. My office has contacted the Waste Disposal Authority and asked them to keep businesses in touch with any changes to their charges. I am also aware that the membership of the Waste Disposal Authority has changed dramatically and I have asked that the new members have the chance to discuss and reverse this decision."

Paul Rowen MP also commented on the accusation that a Rochdale Florist was told to 'fly-tip' her waste by saying, "I am disgusted at this advice allegedly given by a member of staff. It goes against all the efforts our Council has done to improve our environment. It is an irresponsible way of conducting business and I would welcome an internal investigation into these remarks.

This advice says everything about the frustration of a private company having to enforce the new charges of the Waste Disposal Authority. It also highlights the inappropriateness of this new tax on responsible small businesses.

Prosecutions for fly-tipping in our Borough have risen dramatically in the last few years and the Council are committed to continue to cleaning up our Borough. Small businesses need to know that if they get caught dumping they face a fine of up to £50000 with a maximum term of imprisonment on conviction of five years. The answer to the problem caused by this crazy decision is to scrap these new charges altogether."