Rochdale recycling rate soars by 8%

July 29, 2009 12:00 AM

Leader of Rochdale Council, Councillor Alan Taylor!Rochdale Council has confirmed that recycling rates across the Borough have dramatically increased to 33 % - up by over 8% on the previous year. The increase makes Rochdale the third best recycling authority in Greater Manchester after Stockport on 39.25% and Trafford on 33.5%.

However the Council is the best performing local authority in Greater Manchester for the collection of dry recycling during 2008/9 - which excludes garden waste. It was also revealed that the Council sent the lowest amount of domestic waste to landfill per household in Greater Manchester at 512 per household - saving the local taxpayer thousands of pounds in landfill charges.

Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Irene Davidson said: "This is tremendous news for Rochdale and the rest of our Borough as it shows that we are serious about improving our environment. We have set ourselves the ambitious target of 50% recycling by 2011 and our long term goal is to become the best recycling borough in the whole of Greater Manchester.

Councillor Davidson added: "We are constantly looking at ways we can improve our recycling across Rochdale. Currently we are offering a new Blue Bin for residents in a bid to make it easier to recycle paper and card board. If residents wish to replace their current bag with a new blue bin then they can order one by contacting the environment department at the Council."

Leader of the Council, Councillor Alan Taylor, said: "This is great news for our Borough. I would like to take the time to thank the residents of Rochdale for this success story. Without your effort and dedication this amazing achievement would not have been possible. Local residents have led the way and I am truly grateful for the example they have set. Since the Liberal Democrats took over our Council just three years ago, recycling has shot up by more than double. We are committed to increasing that figure even further in the next couple of years and will be working hard to make sure we do so."