Immigration Minister '…the only one who can save Iloba Family'

August 17, 2009 12:00 AM

Rochdale's MP Paul Rowen!Immigration Minister Phil Woolas MP is the "…only person who can save the Iloba Family from deportation" says Rochdale MP Paul Rowen. The latest news in the fight is not good and Paul is encouraging anyone with petitions to get them to his office as soon as possible.

Paul said, "I am aware that there are quite a few petitions supporting the family and their right to remain. We need these quickly so that we can send them to Phil Woolas, so he can understand the support for the family and their amazing contribution to Greater Manchester. I am aware of cases where public support has swayed Mr Woolas into personally stepping in - we need to show that in this extremely emotional case. A recent case in South Manchester was promptly resolved when Mr Woolas stepped in and we hope that we can do something similar."

The judicial review that was keeping the family in the country has now been turned down. Home Office Officials are now working hard to get the family removed. This could be within days!

Paul Rowen concluded, "We have done everything possible to keep this family in this country but we are now relying on public support to give us one last chance. This family should be held up as an example of integration and good practice, Saskia has tremendous support from her former teachers and colleagues. Emmanuel is a future Premiership Footballer as his coaches will testify and Toby, as well as also being a first class footballer is expecting his A-Level results and have been offered places at Manchester and Liverpool Universities to study economics. How ironic is it that Toby could even be deported before receiving his expected high grades on Thursday? There are highly compassionate grounds for this family to stay but we all need to pull together!"