Building homes to 'kickstart' Rochdale's economy

August 1, 2009 12:00 AM

Rochdale's Housing Boss - Councillor Doreen Brophy-Lee!Rochdale has successfully secured government funding as part of the first wave of the 'Kickstart' home building programme.

The scheme will see Rochdale gain £19,023,000 funding for six housing projects.

The funding could see the completion of 418 new homes over the next two years.

The proposal, announced by MP John Healey, the Minister of State for Housing and planning, will now be subject to a rapid due diligence process which will ensure that the schemes which receive final approval are deliverable, represent good value for money and will provide good quality homes.

The sites being considered are:

Unity Mill, Heywood - Countryside Properties - 50 homes

Victory Works, Heywood - Countryside Properties - 53 homes

Winderemere Park, Middleton - Lovell Partnerships - 50 homes

Birch Hill, Rochdale - Persimmon Homes - 50 homes

Dale Mill, Rochdale - Artisan - 74 homes

Well'ith Lane, Rochdale - Tower Gate Developments - 141 homes

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen said: "This comes as great news for the town of Rochdale, and we are pleased that our calls for more funding for the borough have been answered.

"This will obviously go a long way towards helping the town cope during the recession; many new jobs will be created by the initiative, at a time when employment opportunities are much needed in the area.

"This will create around 20,000 jobs in the construction industry nationally, as well as the obvious boost to the economy after the housing has been completed."

"As well as the employment opportunities it will bring, this will also bring much needed new, yet affordable homes for local residents to rent or buy, and the local community will also no doubt reap the benefits of the scheme. This may also just be the beginning of Rochdale's extra funding, as there is still more to allocate for good value bids from councils, housing associations and a second kickstart round. This announcement will make a real impact rapidly."