MP backs prescription charge campaign

August 27, 2009 12:00 AM

Rochdale's MP Paul RowenRochdale MP Paul Rowen is backing a campaign run by a coalition of twenty organisations, including the British Heart Foundation and the Stroke Association, to scrap prescription charges for all people with long-term conditions.

Mr Rowen has signed up to a Parliamentary motion supporting the 'Prescription Promise', which calls for the Government to end the charge before the next General Election, which must happen by June 2010.

The Prime Minister promised at the Labour Party Conference last September to abolish prescription charges for people living with long-term conditions.

One year on, 162 MPs have signed a parliamentary motion supporting the campaign and 1,450 members of the public in England have also signed a petition in support.

Paul Rowen MP said: "Many Rochdale pensioners face the difficult choice not to take medication because of the cost. These are people who have worked all their lives, paid their taxes but are now struggling.

"Conference Season is upon us, yet one year on - the Government are failing to deliver on one of Gordon Brown's flagship policies.

"The Government claims to be reviewing this decision but still many pensioners with long-term conditions are struggling to afford their prescription charges.

"I have heard horror stories of pensioners not going to see their GP as it may result in expensive prescriptions. The Government's failure to deliver on their promises is putting pensioners, especially the poorer ones in real risk. This is why I am calling for an end to this unfair charge on people with long-term conditions as soon as possible."

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