Labour PPC snubbed at Party Conference

October 9, 2009 12:00 AM

Labour PPC Danczuk alongside disgraced Labour MP Hazel Blears!Rochdale's Parliamentary hopeful Simon Danczuk was forced to face an embarrassing snub from his own colleagues last week at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.

During the Conference, Labour PPC for Manchester Withington Lucy Powell took centre stage to introduce her fellow parliamentary hopefuls from up and down the country. They included Toby Perkins from Chesterfield and Rachel Reaves from Leeds West.

However, what must have come as a real slap in the face, Simon Danczuk wasn't invited as one of the many that were chosen to share the stage with Ms Powell and Prime Minister Gordon Brown. In fact, he proclaimed to know nothing about the event.

A Liberal Democrat Spokesperson said: "This really is a humiliating snub for Mr Danczuk and it couldn't have come at a worse time for him. Not only has he been recently rejected by a host of his own party members here in Rochdale but now it seems he doesn't have many supporters nationally either. It's obvious that the Labour Party's hierarchy has given up on winning the Rochdale seat.