Councillor calls on funding for parks

October 15, 2009 12:00 AM

Mr Heywood himself - Councillor Peter RushHeywood North Councillor Peter Rush has called on the Council to re-distribute around £500,000 of funding which it received in recognition of the Borough's Green Flag Parks.

Councillor Rush questioned what the Council's intentions were at the recent Meeting of Full Council after achieving a record 7 Green Flags for its parks across the Borough this year.

However Councillor Irene Davidson, who is head of the Council's Environment Department, confirmed that the Council had received around £500,000 for its Green Flag achievements but stated that the Council has not yet decided what will be done with the funding.

Councillor Peter Rush said: "It's great so many of our parks across the Borough achieving Green Flag status, particularly Queens Park in Heywood. However the reason I asked about what the Council are planning to do with the financial reward it received for this great achievement is because I passionately believe it should be re-distributed back to the parks. This would allow friends groups, such at the friends of Queens Park in Heywood, to decide what's best for their parks and how we can improve them even further. I know that Councillor Davidson has taken my comments on board and I look forward to an answer in the near future."

Councillor Irene Davidson said: "Green Flags do not directly bring with it any financial reward. It is very much about improving our parks and this year we achieved a record 7 flags. You may not be aware that the award of 6 Green Flags was a target for improvement within the Local Area Agreement as a stretch target. This has now been achieved and with it comes a reward grant to the Council of around £500K. How this money will be used has not yet been decided in terms of future council priorities."