Rowen shows his support for Palestinian state

December 7, 2009 12:00 AM

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen at a Palestine Protest earlier this yearRochdale MP Paul Rowen has signed Early Day Motion 314 supporting the creation of a Palestinian state. It comes after a proposal from Sweden, the current holder of the Presidency of the European Union, initiated a new document on the Middle East peace process.

The document calls for concerted effort to ensuring a two-state solution in the Middle East leading to a state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as the capital. The Swedish document also calls for a return to international law and condemns the building of illegal settlements and the separation barrier on occupied land.

Earlier this year Mr Rowen spoke to 100,000 people at a demonstration in London's Hyde Park in protest against the Israeli's actions in Gaza.

Speaking about the EDM, Paul Rowen MP said: "It is incredibly important that there is an end to the Middle East crisis. Firstly it is vitally important that the Israelis and Palestinians are able to come to some sort of agreement and end their many years of suffering. Secondly it is important, not only for the EU, but for the whole of the international community that this issue to be solved. As the situation continues to fester the resentment and ill-feeling continues to build up on both sides. It is vital for a Palestinian state to be created if we want a peaceful future in the Middle East."