Support Dale AFC Shop!

March 9, 2010 12:00 AM

It is hoped that Rochdale AFC will be opening a temporary shop in the town to coincide with their massive success in Football League 2! The club is looking to be promoted this season to division 1 thanks to its incredible performance.

The Council and town centre management are currently working with the Club and the aim is locate a new shop will be located in one of the empty properties in the town centre. This shop will be sell football kits, posters, scarves, flags etc. The Rochdale FC shop idea is part of a raft of initiatives from the Council to continue to support the Town Centre through the recession.

Deputy Leader of the Council, Dale Mulgrew, said,

"I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of a designated shop selling kits and equipments to all Dale fans. The club has worked incredibly hard this season and their success is there for everybody to see. I hope everybody gets behind their local team and shows their support by helping us to get this proposal off the ground."

Rochdale MP, Paul Rowen, added,

"It is hoped that the enthusiasm shown by Rochdalians last year will continue this year and we will be able to celebrate Rochdale's entry into the next Division.

Having a shop in the Town Centre would be a welcome move and would hopefully attract fans both old and new. The new shop would be a boost for fans of the team and for the local economy."