Cllr Kelly calls for more Metrolink parking

March 6, 2013 1:58 PM

After a long wait of over 3 years Milnrow and Newhey tram stations have finally opened to the public. The Metrolink started running at the end of February.

Cllr Andy Kelly with the new trams (Andy Kelly)

Cllr Andy Kelly with the new Metrolink trams

With passengers expected to come flocking to the villages, Cllr Andy Kelly is calling upon Transport for Greater Manchester to come up with some parking solutions.

"It is fantastic that the villages are linked into the network now, but local residents have continually flagged concerns about the number of cars they expect to arrive over the coming weeks and months, and we need to anticipate these problems before they arise. Every new Metrolink station has experienced parking issues so let's do something about it now!"

'There is limited parking at Milnrow but we could do with more. I have requested a meeting with TfGM to identify possible parking arrangements. There are some brown field sites locally and both the Council and TfGM need to start taking this issue more seriously."

Residents are urged to voice their opinions on the matter by getting in touch with Cllr Kelly via his e-mail at

"It's really important that local people are heard and listened to" concluded Cllr Andy Kelly.