Danny Alexander: "we want to give you a £100 tax cut"

March 8, 2014 11:45 AM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Today Danny Alexander, the Lib Dem Treasury Secretary, will deliver his speech today at the Lib Dem Spring Conference in York.

In it, he will call on the Tories to agree to Lib Dem plans for a £100 tax cut at the next budget on 19th March.

He will put pressure on the the Conservatives to accept our plans, given that the Lib Dems have had to force them to accept the £700 tax cut that we have already delivered in previous budgets. He will say:

"We have had to fight for [our £700 tax cut] at every Budget and at every Autumn Statement since 2010. And what a fight it has been.

It started in those election debates when the Conservatives said 'We cannot afford it'.

In 2010 the Conservatives wanted inheritance tax cuts for millionaires, we fought for and delivered tax cuts for working people.

In 2011 the Conservatives wanted 'shares for rights', we fought for and delivered tax cuts for working people.

In 2013 the Conservatives wanted a tax break for married couples that excluded millions of families, we fought for and delivered - you guessed it - more tax cuts for working people."

Danny will also announce that the Liberal Democrats' commitment raising the personal allowance to £12,500 (which the Party voted on at conference 2013) will be a key manifesto commitment for 2015 and a priority in any coalition negotiations should the British people deliver a hung parliament in 2015.