Liberal Democrats are cleaning up Labour's mess - Danny Alexander

April 4, 2014 1:58 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Today, Labour's Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls claimed that families are worse off under this government. However, the Liberal Democrats have been cleaning up Labour's mess.

Commenting on Ed Balls' claims, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said:

"On this weekend of all weekends, Ed Balls needs to acknowledge the work Liberal Democrats are doing in government to clean up Labour's mess.

"From Sunday working people will each be £700 better off a year thanks to Liberal Democrats delivering on our manifesto promise to increase the personal allowance to £10,000.

"In contrast, when Labour were in government they made each family £3,000 worse off by overseeing a recession that wiped £112bn from our economy."

He added:

"Alongside a £700 tax cut - rising to £800 next year - Liberal Democrats have cut tax on savings for the lowest earners, frozen fuel duty, helped local authorities freeze council tax, introduced tax-free childcare and extended free school meals.

"The Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy in a fairer society by making the richest pay most to rebalance our economy. All Labour can offer is uncosted promises and carping from the sidelines."