Norman Lamb: Pool budgets to stop elderly being abandoned

June 5, 2014 2:37 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Care Minister Norman Lamb has called for pooled budgets for health and and social care so that elderly people are no longer abandoned in disputes about who funds what.

In a bid to tackle a fragmented system of care for the elderly, Norman has proposed that there should be a legal duty to pool the whole health and care budgets in every suitable area.


Norman has said that too often, those in need of help had to argue their case repeatedly with different authorities or were left in hospital when social services could not provide home care.

He said that he want to see this new policy at the heart the Liberal Democrat manifesto in order to stop frail and vulnerable people 'falling through gaps in the system' of health and social care.

Commenting on this, he told the Telegraph:

"I believe this is an important part of how we can sustain our NHS for the future and provide better care, closer to home".