Labour's hypocrisy on benefits

June 19, 2014 5:53 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Ed Miliband has said that, under a Labour government, he would end entitlement to out-of-work benefits for 18 to 21 year olds refusing to take training courses.


Labour have opposed this government's reform measures to make work pay and help people get on. By contrast, Liberal Democrats plans are working to help young people earn and learn, but we are trialling skills training for low-skilled young people to make sure that it is beneficial.

By refusing to give young people benefits, Labour will make it harder for young people to find work.

The Liberal Democrats believe in opportunities for young people. We will not scrap housing benefits for under 25s and we will still encourage young people to look for work, including learning on the job through apprenticeships.

In fact, we have introduced over a million apprenticeships for young people and youth unemployment is falling - down 100,000 over the past year. And as part of our Youth Contract we have made over 100,000 work experience placements available to young people.