Cracking down on zero hours contract abuse

June 25, 2014 12:42 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Vince Cable has today introduced a bill to ban exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts in order to give workers more choice.

Banning exclusivity clauses, which prevent workers from working for more than one employer, is set to benefit 125,000 zero-hours contract workers.

Vince said that "unscrupulous employers" had abused the flexibility offered by the contracts and that the legislation would give more flexibility to workers:

Liberal Democrats in Government will be consulting shortly on the best mechanism to tackle avoidance of the ban and the issue of redress should this law be broken. They will also work with business representatives and unions to develop a code of practice on the fair use of zero hours contracts.

With unemployment dropping and job satisfaction increasing, Zero hours contracts are an important part of a vibrant, flexible labour market.

Zero-hours contracts do not just benefit employers, but employees too. Students, older people and single parents who value flexibility have the chance to turn down work at inconvenient times and top up their income when they need extra cash. With the ban on exclusivity clauses, employees will have more freedom to boost their income further.