Tim Gordon writes: Shape the campaign

October 2, 2014 3:13 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Chief Executive of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Gordon, is out campaigning before heading to Conference:

I am writing this with a nice cup of tea after the first delivery run of the day in Clacton. It's not an easy battle but Andy Graham and his team are having fun - and have had support coming in from as far afield as Scotland. If you can help I know that they would appreciate any calls that you could make before next Thursday. Simply use the Connect Virtual Phone Bank with this code: 4D7811H-6014

From Saturday, thousands of Liberal Democrats will be gathering in Glasgow for the last Autumn Conference before the General Election.

During Conference, we'll be discussing our pre-manifesto, the first stage of building the manifesto that we will put to voters at the election next May. The Liberal Democrats are the only party whose members decide the policies and we're the only party which produces a pre-manifesto. We will be debating, amending and voting on the policies that will eventually form our final manifesto. You can read the pre-manifesto here - there is still time to register to come to Conference and have your say on it.

Another vital way that party members can help ensure the best possible result at the next election is to share your skills and experience. I know that our members have many kinds of professional and voluntary experience which will make a real difference. So this week I sent out a survey to give every member a chance to shape the campaign. If you didn't receive the email with your unique survey link, please contact help@libdems.org.uk. Please also let us know where and when you'll be available to help in the election.

Tonight, I will be helping Dawn Barnes at the Woodside by-election in Lynne Featherstone's constituency. From speaking to the volunteers who've been phoning out of LDHQ I know that we're getting a positive response in a traditionally Labour area. Today is polling day so Dawn and Lynne would appreciate any help with getting out the vote. The Connect Virtual Phone Bank code is 58A811Q-5808.

I hope to see you at Conference.