Presidential Candidate - Sal Brinton

October 3, 2014 4:38 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

We've had a tough four years since 2010. Hard-working councillors have lost their seats and next year's General Election will be the toughest ever. As your President, I will help our party recover and win again.

Over 40 years with the party I have been a deliverer, councillor, PPC, on Federal Policy and Conference Committees. I am now in the Lib Dem team in the Lords.

I've been Bursar of two Cambridge colleges, chaired a Learning and Skills Council. I'm a trustee of UNICEF. I have considerable experience of making things happen and holding leaders and organisations to account.

I want:-

A Party Fit for Purpose: New transparent reformed processes that are fair and trustworthy.

A Party Fit to Fight and Win: With ALDC I want us to return to our grassroots campaigning and rebuild from our communities up.

A Party Fit to Listen and Talk openly: Members' voices must be heard. I want roadshows to consult members, and I will hold regular surgeries.

A Party Fit to call itself Liberal and Democratic: Test everything against our liberal principles.

If you agree with my vision visit to see my action plan. Together we can fight for a distinctive and liberal vision.


Twittter: @salbrinton