Presidential Candidate - Liz Lynne

October 3, 2014 4:38 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

I have the unique experience of having been an activist at every level in various regions, a campaigner and council candidate in London, PPC in the East of England, MP in Rochdale and MEP in the Midlands, fighting rural seats, urban seats and against Labour, Conservatives and UKIP.

As I am independent of the Parliamentary party and of any specific group, I feel that I can act as a unifying force. No longer being a parliamentarian I can virtually be a full time President.

The President has to be the eyes and the ears of the Party - listening to members and representing their views to the leadership. I am aware that the President elected by the membership, needs to work with the leader not for the leader.

I have had a great deal of experience chairing meetings and am also very conscious of the fact that the structures of the Party need to be reformed as well as made more transparent.

Having had extensive experience over the years of representing the Party on national TV and radio including on Newsnight and Question Time, I am eminently qualified to be the public face of the Party, which is required by the constitution.



Twitter: @lizlynne1