Liberal Democrats respond to Conservative plans for school commissioners

October 13, 2014 8:55 AM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Responding to the Conservatives manifesto plans to give school commissioners the power to fire headteachers on the spot and impose new discipline codes, a Liberal Democrat spokesperson said:

"This new Conservative policy on schools seems to have been cobbled together on the back of a fag packet.

"The idea that you can support and challenge 24,000 schools on the basis of eight Commissioners responsible for covering thousands of square miles of territory in vast regional bureaucracies is a nonsense.

"We need to ensure that there is a proper local source of high quality challenge for schools, capable of intervening swiftly when needed, and having a proper mandate to change leadership and governance when necessary. We also need to do much more to enable our best schools to work to improve our weakest schools.

"The Conservatives' problem is that they think that changing the name plates on schools is the answer to every problem, when the real issue is improving governance and leadership - which is far more important and requires a more serious form of engagement.

"The Conservatives have made very clear that they would cut real education spending in the next Parliament. If they want to do something positive for schools, they should think again about this rather than dreaming up more half-baked schemes and extra bureaucracy."