Helena Morrissey writes: Call for feedback on progress since independent inquiry of June 2013

October 13, 2014 12:17 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

As set out in my Report into 'Processes and Culture' within the Party, I would now like to assess progress made against my recommendations.

Taken together, the recommendations formed a suggested - but by no means exhaustive - blueprint for change over both the medium and long term.

Less than 18 months has passed since my initial review, so it was never my expectation that all would be resolved by now, rather that the direction of travel be firmly established.

A number of people attended a 'surgery' I hosted with the Pastoral Care Officer, Jeanne Tarrant, during Conference last week.

Those inputs have been very helpful - thank you. I'd now like to hear from anyone who has relevant experiences and views to help me assess the degree of progress made.

As in my original Call for Evidence, it would be helpful if feedback could be given around three areas, with specific examples being particularly useful:

1. Are you more confident now that the Party will not tolerate bullying and harassment?

What steps have been taken to create a more diverse and inclusive environment?

Has sufficient priority been given to the issue?

2. When poor behaviour occurs, is there now more clarity over the processes for dealing with complaints?

Do you have greater confidence that due process will be followed, to resolve disputes and investigate any allegations fairly and in a timely manner, with appropriate actions taken?

3. Do you have ideas about what the Party can do to further improve its culture?

Please submit all written evidence by Friday 7th November, by email to helenalmorrissey@gmail.com.

All submissions will be treated in confidence. As previously, I will follow up with a number of those who submit written feedback where I need to explore specific aspects.

Thank you.


Helena Morrissey