Simon Danczuk's MP expenses is not a matter for him alone.

October 14, 2014 12:30 PM
By Dale Mulgrew


There are some things very obvious in life. For example, people get older, Manchester gets a lot of rain and Simon Danczuk claims a lot of expenses as Rochdale's MP.

In fact, on average £40,000 per year more than his precedessor. So what you may say? If Simon Danzcuk chooses to be the most expensive English MP this Parliament, claiming far more expenses than other MP's who represent similar northern constituencues, than that is a matter for him.

In fact, it is a matter for the people of Rochdale and also a matter of trust.

The trust question concerns the fact that Simon Danczuk was fiercely critical of Paul Rowen for having too many expenses during his time as the town's MP. But Paul was only mid table with his expenses - I'm sure all Rochdalian's would rather see the local football team at the top of their league than Simon Danczuk at the top of his league for MP's expenses?

Now Simon Danczuk has dramatically overtaken Paul Rowen's annual expenses claim and the annual claim of practically ever other English MP, what has changed Simon Danzcuk's view on this important subject? Or is this just a case of incredible double standards?

I hope there is a plausible explanation and I look foward to a full public statement from him on this subject.

Otherwise, I fear a trend is developing for Rochdale's MP, one around credibility and legitimacy in what he says.

So Simon Danczuk's racking up of excessive MP expenses is far from a matter for him alone, it is a matter for the people of his constituency and is a matter of trust.

Dale Mulgrew

Former Rochdale Borough Councillor