Tim Farron: Labour has no right to lecture about housebuilding

October 16, 2014 3:33 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat Party President Tim Farron has slammed Labour's plans for housebuilding, pointing to their terrible record when in government.

By the time they left office the number of new homes being built had fallen to its lowest level since the 1920s.

Under Labour repossessions reached a 14 year high and the number of families waiting for a social home nearly doubled from 1 million to 1.8 million.


Commenting, Tim Farron MP said:

"Labour want us to pretend that the housing problems we face in Britain are nothing to do with them, but they totally failed to deal with the issue in office.

"Under Labour, the number of affordable homes fell by 421,000 while this coalition have increased the number by 190,000. They have no right to lecture about how we solve a housing problem they did not nothing to address.

"Labour didn't have the solutions in government and they don't have the solutions now. Building 200,000 houses a year is an unambitious target that does not even keep up with household demand.

"The Liberal Democrats plan for 300,000 new homes a year would help clear the backlog and address Britain's housing problems."

At the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow, Lib Dems reaffirmed their commitment to ambitious plans to accelerate housebuilding to 300,000 new homes every year.

The conference motion, proposed by Tim Farron, includes plans for the creation of a Housing Investment Bank to boost homebuilding and deliver homes to help low-income working families who are earning too much to get a place in social housing but unable to afford a home on the open market.